Jefferson Dias


Born in São Paulo on December 9, 1973, Jefferson Dias (known as “Jacaré”) has been “breathing” drums since 1991, when he started his first band Black Glass in the underground rock scene. Today in the rock band Nem Liminha Ouviu (NLO), the self-taught musician has performed with about 30 bands, over 25 years of music. Jacaré’s debut as a drummer was in the Black Jack stages, an important rock bar in the south side of São Paulo city. Black Jack shares similarities with CBGB of New York in the way they work and promote music. Many of his colleagues and friends of that time are now respected professional musicians. At that same time, he played in 11 bands simultaneously. Curiously, if touched them all in one night, he could enter the Guinness Book, which came to be cogitated, but there was no representative of the Guinness Book in Brazil. With the band NLO since 2011, Jacaré has played next to great national and international bands at some of the major festivals in Brasil. Here is a sample: Lollapalooza (SP/2015), with Jack White, Robert Plant, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pharrel Williams, Kasabian, Foster the People, Three Days Grace, Marcelo D2, etc. Lollapalooza (SP/2013), with Pearl Jam, Queen of the Stone Age, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys, A Perfect Circle, Planet Hemp, etc. Summer Break Festival (SP/2013), with Incubus, Dave Mathews Band, SOJA, O Rappa, etc. Porão do Rock (DF/2013), with Paralamas do Sucesso, Capital Inicial, SoulFly, Lobão, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. Porão do Rock (DF/2012), with Sepultura, Raimundos, Viper, etc. ​​In addition, Jacaré plays several styles of music, from all kinds of brazilian music till heavy metal. Here are some of the highlights in his career as a musician. 2000: Jacaré had the opportunity to play with the famous spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sans in the anniversary celebration of TV Channel 21, in Carmo Park. 2012: Jacaré played with the band The Jovens in TV programs such as Musicaos and Programa Fábio Jr. The Jovens was formed by members of NLO, one of them was Tatola, an experienced rock radio host in stations like Brasil 2000, 89 FM and now host of TV show Encrenca, on Rede TV. 89 Radio Rock FM is currently the most popular rock station in the city of São Paulo, with a large audience and therefore great exposure of the work of Jacaré and NLO. 2014: Jacaré and NLO were the opening band for north american band Bad Religion during their tour in São Paulo (SP), Santos (SP), and Curitiba (PR). 2015: With the NLO will be in studio to record their second album, set to be released in the first half of 2016. Influences bands: Rush, Primus, Faith No More, Black Sabath, Tool, Megadeth, Slayer, Alice in Chains, Motorhead, Dead Kennedy's, Rage Against the Machine, Helmet, Iron Maiden, Toto, Tower of Power, Dream Theater, The Mars Volta, Suicidal Tendencies, Seven Dust, Periphery and many others. Drummers: Neal Peart, Tim Alexander, Mike Bordin, Nick Menza, Dave Lombardo, Jeff Porcaro, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Morgan Rose, Matt Halpern, Mike Portnoy, Scott Rockenfield, Tommy Clufetos, Charlie Benante, Robby Ameen, Paulão Tomaz, Fernando Schaefer, Nonô Luis Fernando, Kiko Freitas and etc.