Jayne Lang


I came to singing late in life...and it's something I wish I'd had the confidence to do years ago. I used to sing at work, kinda under my breath, but was always too embarrassed and self conscious to have lessons or believe it was something I could do seriously. I first had a couple of lessons with a singer / song writer friend of mine, Ellie Bellotte, who also sang in a band. I went along to a handful of rehearsals with her and she put me in front of a mic...and I froze and sang really quietly, if at all. I didn't follow that through. I did, however, continue to run through the vocal scales CD I was given practically every day. Several years later another friend of mine was having some singing lessons with a lady who then set up a pop choir and asked us if we wanted to come along. We did. I stayed and my friend didn't pursue it and it's there that I realised I do have a voice. The choir director encouraged and pushed me vocally and eventually had me singing into a mic, taking a Rockschool exam and then singing with her in a harmony group. Mandy, I will be forever grateful to you. Mum died in April 2016 after an 18 month battle and I threw my life up into the air and changed things that weren't feeling right. I stopped singing for a while because I needed to work out what was right for me. I'm back now, have a fantastically sexy PA (sound system, not personal assistant!) and have a set that I love to perform. I cover Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, John Newman, Positive Force, Gwen Guthrie, DNCE, The Weekend, James Brown, The Doobie Brothers, Wild Cherry, Def Leppard, Status Quo...the list goes on but it's funky, soulful pop/rock! I would love to sing for you, so get in touch and email me at [email protected] or call 07929 003 349. Let's have some fun!