Jay Molden


Where to begin on this one... perhaps I'll just get to what I'm currently doing, and then backtrack to my story at a later time. My main musical focus is currently with Reign of Fear, a horror-based heavy metal project that I joined towards the end of 2015. Each of us in the band are huge fans of Horror. Just like our varying and diversified tastes in music, we want to explore the many different flavors of Horror, like a Baskin-Robbins for the macabre. We decided to take this and mix and mash and meld and incorporate this theme into our music, whether through the sound, visuals, or lyrical content. For me it's a creative outlet where I can channel and focus some darkness into something, but also have fun and be self-aware of it's campiness. Everything else I work on outside of RoF, or the 'happy accidents' I create while getting side-tracked on a RoF writing session (aka random surge of inspiration) is wrangled and contained loosely in my solo work under Sinkurion. Yes, there's a reason for the name and perhaps we'll get to that. Anyway, the whole idea behind Sinkurion is to just create. To create without boundaries, without borders. I love too many sounds and feels that I get from music, movies, stories, and other works of art to restrict my creations to a singular form or genre. So I like to dabble in many areas with my music. Mind you, I also want to make it entertaining, so there won't be any 20 minute progressive post-avant garde blackened death-djent with ambient dnb experimental EDM undertones... yet. So tell me what you think. Tell me what you like from each song. What you don't like from each song. How did it make you feel? Did it make you visualize anything? I'm here to share and to have an open ear/mind to constructive criticism.