Jay Michael

Hello! I'm Jay Michael, a Native American Flute Musician in Waco, Texas.

Welcome to my Drooble site. This is a place to get to know me, my music, and contact me if you wish. I'm currently working on my second CD and this is the place you will find it when complete. You'll also find videos and sound files of the music I create, plus a few photos of public performances. My music is contemporary flute tunes I improvise with a selection of Native American flutes. I should mention here that I am not a Native American, and my music is for all audiences. The Native American flute can be found in many New Age albums and meditative or yoga music styles. My music tends to be slow and melodic with a native and pop edge. It is a good fit with yoga classes, poet readings, open mic, and festival events. I often play in parks or busk at art walks or other similar events where I can improvise gentle background music. However I am working on a Rock album as well. As an artist I often use background tracks, chimes, rattles and drums to enhance my musical style. I also play the Steel Tongue Drum, Woodstock Pipedream, Hand Drum and Bass flutes. I have played onstage with many flute artists including R. Carlos Nakai, Gareth, Dan Ward, and others. I hope you will take time to explore this Drooble site and get to know me. You can also find me on Facebook { https://www.facebook.com/JayMichaelLong/ } & Twitter { https://twitter.com/4JayMichael }. And if you would like to see me live, drop me a line! My web site is here: http://webg11.wixsite.com/jaymichael