Jan Mikuka-jr

Mike Jr.

Mike Jr. (Jan Mikuška) was born in Broumov under the sign of scorpio. When he was three-years old, he moved with his parents to Slapy, where he joined the local primary school. After a first successful school stage he had to move back to Králův Dvůr at Beroun to continue here in second stage. Thanks to his parents, he has got the chance to play in The Three Musketeers musical in the role of a boy in the Broadway theater. Besides his plays he also started a guitar lessons at Beroun ZUŠ. After half a year he continues on his own in practising, learning and exploring music on a local and world level. Later on high school he started singing and after that, playing in school band. They played on proms and school activities. Because he wasn’t satisfied and he wanted to play and create his own music, he began to establish one band after another. It didn’t work out… The biggest turning point began after high school when he flew to Birmingham. After 14 days, he has got an offer to play in English band Orylyus. Subsequently, he started teach the guitar, work in recording studio, compose documents in amateur images and slowly work on his own project DESTION. Now, he is back from England in his natal home Broumov in Czech Republic. Created a band Temper (https://www.reverbnation.com/temper30) where he's composing and play as a lead guitarist. He want to complete his project. He's offering musicians his experience, started a music workshops at Broumov in October 2014. Helping bands with composing or arranging music and finally being musically hired.