Jamie Brown


Hi People My Name Is Jamie Brown. I am 21 years young and I am a unsigned music artist from south. London. My Artist Name is Large Ambitions, I have been writing my own music for ages it really helped me through so many struggles I was facing so much so I feel it saved me and gave me a new appreciation for life. I write everyday all day non stop and I have done for around 6 years now but it was all in like some depressive bubble. Anyway, last year I invested in a studio as I really feel like this is all I know all I have prepared myself for and trained my mind to want. so the last year or so I have been teaching myself to record, mix and make instrumentals. I have been working on an Ep entitled - Inspirational Pain for the past few months and I have come to a time in my life where I don't see myself no where else and rather than sitting on my passion because of depression or feeling I cant do it, I'm Going for This! even if I don't make it any where. ima be a Martyr for Me!