James Cintolo


James is originally a classically trained guitarist turned, neo classical-rock musician. The preferable style of music he plays is rock n’ roll with a classical twist. Now a guitarist of 20 years, he has taken on nearly dozens of students a month wanting to learn his technique. James grew up in the small town of Walpole Massachusetts where he decided at the age of 8 that he wanted to make music his life. Studying at Berkeley School of Music at the age of 17 is when he met Joe Stump (Shredlord). Joe Stump forever changed his perception of music and outright playing. Being taught advanced techniques and learning the ins and outs of complex rock and neo classical sequences, he then began releasing music to the general public. His first album (Breaker Interlude) released 2005 and the following album (Self Titled) released in 2006. Being nearly 30, James Cintolo, guitar virtuoso, is passing his skills onto a younger generation. James is compassionate about teaching and wants to take the time to show his students the correct way to play with the best techniques possible being applied. Now having teaching studios open in Norwood and Newton Ma, James has the ability to teach at reasonable placed locations for a very reasonable price. James also gives lessons Via Skype or through video chat!