“Hip Hop has taken me from small town Tennessee to Brooklyn, New York to Sacramento, California and a growing list of places in between. Considering some of the things I have done and people I have met, I am humbled yet amazed looking at my journey through music. There’s no reason to slow down now…”, J.Smo states. Father, husband, songwriter, producer, music blogger, and consultant are only a few of the hats he wears on any given day. One-half of the Manchester, Tennessee collective BUNKS, J.Smo has been molding the sounds, the rhythms, the feelings, and the stories in over a decade’s worth of recordings. BUNKS – Bringing Unmatched Noise Knowledge & Sound – began releasing music in 1999 and have an expansive catalog in their crates. “Everything you hear in rap songs, I’ve done…but those times are over, I’m back to the music,” J.Smo reflects about the new album. “The Joshua Story has been a long process. This album is the abridged version of everything that happened from the time I left Coffee County until I relocated to the West Coast in August 2013. A few of these stories have never been told to my family and will shock 99% of the people who knew me growing up… "This record is also about remaining true to the roots of Hip Hop music and the culture that created it; the culture that raised me, the culture that’s made me.” Originally from Manchester, TN, he now resideds in Northern California. After signing distribution and publishing deals with Unlimited Sounds, LLC, J.Smo was named CMO of the company in the first quarter of 2015. J.Smo actively supports and promotes the indie music community through Middle Tennessee Music. He has been mentioned in the book Your Band Is A Virus by James Moore, interviewed by LA Weekly, and his writing has been published on Ariel Hyatt’s’ CyberPR blog as well as Music Think Tank. He also self-published and co-authored Getting Your Music Heard Online alongside C Bret Campbell.