The Owls Inn


Brought together by their love for music, Arielle and Isaiah are spreading joy and creativity one song at a time. The New Jersey natives started playing music together out of personal enjoyment, but it didn’t take long to discover their chemistry when it comes to writing melodies and lyrics. This newfound relationship led them to join a salsa band. Arielle and Isaiah performed regularly at local gigs, which included open mic nights and school concerts. With heavy influences from bands like The Beatles, The Head and The Heart and Twenty One Pilots, it was a natural progression that they would later form The Owl’s Inn. In 2016, the duo released their first single, “upUpUP” and are working towards the completion of their first studio album this year. The Owl’s Inn offers a dynamic and unique sound with a blend of folk, rock, pop and blues. Arielle’s powerful and bluesy vocals over Isaiah’s complex yet catchy vocal and instrumental melodies will keep listeners yearning for more. Whether it’s drawing a crowd at NYC’s popular Washington Square Park or connecting with fans on Facebook, The Owl’s Inn continues to build a loyal fan base. Like any up and coming artist, Arielle and Isaiah are passionate about sharing their music with a broader audience. In the next few months, fans can get updates on upcoming show dates at and purchase their latest music via iTunes and Spotify.