Music has always paced her life. At home, she listens to her parents' records and discovers all the artists that will have an impact throughout her lige:Rickie Lee Jones, Tuck and Patti, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, Joni Mitchell, Stan Getz, Marcel Dadi, Mahaleo, Jaojoby (Malagasy music) etc... Irina comes from a family where everyone plays music. Ever since she was a child, any event, sad or happy, becomes an excuse to bring out the instruments and sing. In 2007, after coming home from a trip to Madagascar, Irina-R feels the need to compose her own music and give substance to her lyrics. Since then, she draws her inspiration from Norah Jones' softness, Nina Simone's piano, Marvin Gaye's smile, but also Judee Still's guitar chords or Krystle Warren's deep voice, without falling into pure Jazz or Folk : it's all about the subtlety of the mix of influences, with Irina's own sensibility and just a bit of Soul and melancholy. In 2011, with her songs and her guitar, Irina-R tries her hand in numerous small venues in Paris for three years. More confident, she then performed at the Bellevilloise, the Sunset-Sunside and Les Trois Baudets, where she met a great success. After recording two Eps in 2012 and 2014, Irina released her first album, Sailing Home, in early 2015. The eleven tracks of this first opus, all written and composed by Irina-R, have been recorded in Paris, and post produced in Brisbane, Australia.