Infinite Nomad


Drummer Lee Fisher (Commit Suicide) and guitarist/composer Jeanne Strieder (Coma Cluster Void) have joined forces to create INFINITE NOMAD (see below for earlier history since 2005 info). The band is supplemented with Eeli Helin (Mireplaner, Fawn Limbs) on vocals and Sylvia Hinz (Coma Cluster Void, XelmYa) on bass. For Jeanne Strieder and Sylvia Hinz, microtonality is not a new territory: Jeanne Strieder has many years of experience as a composer of microtonal music for small and large ensembles, while Sylvia Hinz, as an instrumentalist in Contemporary Music, has already performed innumerable microtonal works both solo and with her ensembles. "This will make your average musician or music lover uncomfortable but you know what? I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT!" (technicalmusicreview) "This guitar has like 500 frets, it's bonkers ... the song is like a knife fight meets a hurricane ..." (theheavyist) "Infinite Nomad blur the lines between dissonance, groove, and technical prowess and we’re thrilled to premiere their first fret-melting, drum destroying goodie – “Luminous Throat” ... Never riding on the back of their previous releases, the musicians involved can continue to eviscerate melody and harmony forever and we’ll be listening." History: Infinite Nomad was conceived around 2005 and finally founded in 2007. A first album was written in 2008 and subsequently recorded. It was one of the very first microtonal albums in metal history. In 2018, the project was resurrected with new members.