Ikarus behind the sun

Ikarus behind the sun - Conceptional Electronic Music Project

Ikarus Behind The Sun is a music project conceptualized by singer / musician RĂ¼diger Flacke. Thematically it is linked with the anti-hero Icarus, whose nature and inclination consists in not being able to withstand a certain suffering from the events in the world and in the immediate vicinity. As a result, he increasingly devoted himself to repressive patterns in order to escape this world and a differentiated view. This evolves exponentially to a sometime exaggerating situation, by dedicating himself massively to the project - in accordance with Icarus in the Greek mythology - to leave the earth and to fly behind the sun, in order to escape the no more tolerable own world pain and to be penetrated by the sun as a visual barrier of the complete forgetting of its origin. The delusion that actually succeeds in his plan turns out to be a fatal alternative to his ideas and desires to feel emotionally and mentally relieved and relieved. On the contrary, his present situation, in absolute isolation, bottomlessness and silence, gives him an environment in which, with every fiber of his body, thought and feeling, he is ransacked by a different kind of pain: from the unrestrained yearning, from his background to be incorporated and to be back home. That this mixes with the painful memories of the conditions of his world of origin is close. The status quo of changing spaces in the space suit through the sun is the inner chaos with which Icarus now continually refrains from assuming enough responsibility to make courageous and judicious decisions and actions. The life that he had and that goes along with the ups and downs of a "normal" life is now a life he can only remember. Memories that are stronger than the great oblivion that Icarus sought to achieve in the past - according to his own impulsively executed master plan. The feelings and moods that evoke them are so closely experienced that behind the sun - in a black, unsupported space, the vastness of which Ikarus finds rather marked by oppressive narrowness - they set in motion automatized and uncontrolled mechanisms of repression, the Icarus its isolated presence for to not perceive intense moments. His point of view and his patterns of behavior have basically not changed, but rather strengthened. This is followed by even deeper mental crashes and insanity-oriented traits, as Ikarus now feels confronted with the sense of his flight behind the sun. Guard moments, in which Ikaru's mood barometer also changes, are not as lively and motivating as they make him sober and tiring in the end. With the positive effect that it causes him - after a period of internal struggles - but then to sleep and a necessary recovery, he always tries to prevent with great difficulty, since he is running through the fear of awakening and thus the fear of the A certainty that everything that happens right now really happens.





What is music to you? What does it give you?

It's a magic language. In it all states of mind and feeling unite, which can be expressed in a peaceful and truthful way.