Ignacio Alvarez


My name is Ignacio (Nacho) I'm an Argentinian artist. I've been playing since 16 years old and studied to being a Recording technician and a music producer in 2007. My first band was about instrumental surf rock, called Los Meteoritos we released one record. A few years later, I joined in an another band called Johnson Control, playing more garage rock, with which we release two albums, and we went on tour through the interior of the province. Then I got more into the indie-pop kind of genre and formed NĂ¼man in 2013, a band of 5 members playing guitars and synths We released 1 record together, and then I moved on in 2016. I like to participate in all of the recording, mixing, and a few mastering processes of the albums that I'm involved. I'm here to grow as a musician and to share, music, experiences, and to collaborate in our growth. Stay true to your dreams :) We will help each other to get focus Cheers. <3 Nacho