Skin For A Canvas And Drop Oblivion


Skin for a Canvas started life as an ambient acoustic experience in the shape of Dani Burnett and Ian Mortimer. The two started on separate paths, each of them in different well known metal bands from the Portsmouth area, and in 2007, their paths met and a strong musical partnership was formed. After 4 years of writing and planning, Skin for a Canvas was born and the debut album “The Soul Creates a Harmony” was self-produced and released by the pair. In early October 2011 Dani Burnett chose to leave Skin for A Canvas but Ian Mortimer decided to carry on with the project under the same name as the album had received good responses during their live performances and Skin for A Canvas was steadily gaining reputation and experience along the way. During late 2011 the second Skin for a Canvas album was mastered for release in early 2012 to bring new music to Skin for a Canvas performances. & Drop Oblivion is the brain child of UK based solo composer Ian Mortimer. After getting into the local Metal scene in 2006 performing with various bands over the years, he started an outlet in 2014 for his own heavy creations with Drop Oblivion. Originally conceived as a “just for fun” project, Ian began working with other musicians on some initial demo tracks, and created an entire album of material over the course of a few days. As Ian progressed and focused on performing with his other ambient project “Skin For A Canvas”, Drop Oblivion took a back seat for a few years until 2017 when new demos were taken into full production at his home studio in England.







Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

Devin Townsend, angels and airwaves, Trivium, blink 182, Killswitch engaged, fit for a king, parkway drive, I'll update more as I go :)