Hristo Georgiev


I'm a simple man with crazy dreams. I have been living with the dream to be a musician since the age of 10-12 may be. I've never took it serious till I realized that I'm always hungry for listening more and more music. I'm never tired of doing that. I took a part of the Work & Travel in the USA in 2014, I saw an acoustic guitar on ebay for 20 bucks and I decided to buy it even if I knew it was a total crap,but it was appropriated for an absolute beginner like me or I thought that at least it would be a great souvenir from The States. I needed a surgery on the age of 14, when I broke my left arm badly.It did't go very well and after that it was difficult for me to turn around my wrist so, when I got the guitar it seemed like a huge problem for me. I really didn't know anything about guitars and the way I hold the guitar was so unnatural. Besides I felt tension and pain in my wrist and It was strange and difficult for me to start playing even on one string. The online lessons were boring on this stage and I gave up practicing at all. I thought I'm invalid and it's impossible for me to be a guitar player till I saw a video last year, where a man without arms was able to play with his feet. So I told to my self " You 're going to play at least as this guy, you have arms and no right to excuse!" I started practicing chord shapes every morning just to release the tension I had in my wrist, I didn't think for sound at all, because I was muting almost all of the strings. Step by step I built some strength and bigger comfort doing the shapes. I started to watch more videos about techniques,musical theory, covers, so these things awoke my curiosity and I was getting hungrier for more.I bought a better guitar and now, almost year later, I feel like I'm going into intermediate stuff and the appetite for learning more and getting better is even bigger. I'm trying to practice almost every day for at least 1 hour. I know it's all about practice. That's my story about fight against the uncertainty and doubts. I will keep up rocking!