Holy Dragons


Holy Dragons is a Kazakhstani metal band, founded in 1992 in Almaty. Since the beginning to the present day the main musical direction for the group has been heavy metal. The band sticks to the 1980s style. In addition, one can trace the influence and identify the components of such styles as speed metal, power metal, hard rock, techno thrash and some other styles in the music of Holy Dragons. The bands creation date is considered to be 11 September 1992 when guitarist Jurgen Thunderson got together the first line-up with the singer Oleg "Holger" Komaroff, in order to make music in the style of hard rock and heavy metal. By the end of 1994 and, after several lineup changes, the current team fell apart, to continue its existence in 1995 as a new structure. The first demo of the new structure, called the Halloween Night, was recorded in 1996. The band recorded its first full-length album, Dragon Steel, in 1998. Since 2003, the band began to work with the Russian record label Metalism Records, some of the albums were released in cooperation with Soyuz Music, Metal Agen, Sound Age, etc. In 2009, the band released the album Iron Mind as a free downloadable Internet release. Since 2011 signed at Pitch Black Records. Three albums were released in EU. They are "Zerstorer" (2012), "Dragon Inferno" (2014), “Civilizator” (2016).