Hideaki Yamakado


Hideaki Yamakado (born 12 April 1993 in Kobe, Japan) is a Japanese guitarist,instructor and composer. When Hideaki was 14 -years-old , his grandfather gave him an acoustic guitar. His life since then has been spent playing the guitar. Hideaki mastered his technique by copying the performances of Shrapnel guitarists such as (Paul Gilbert,Richie Kotzen,Jason Becker,etc...) ​ After he graduated from high school , he entered to music vocational school MI (Musicians Institute) in Osaka. He also studied music theory to learn a wider range of techniques , such as blues, jazz, fusion and country. In 2014, he began his career in music and graduated from MI. In October 2014, Hideaki won the best shred prize in Japanese guitar contest " GIT MASTERS 2014 ". In March 2015, Hideaki won the first prize in a Young Guitar magazine contest sponsored by Glenn Proudfoot " Bam ". In April 2015 , he accepted an endorsement contract with the silver accessories brand " Fortunato silver accessories" . Articles were also written by Hideaki and have been published in the guitar magazine " road legato and tapping to the shred guitarist " between the four months of the 2015 July - October issue. between the four months of the 2015 July - October issue . ​ In November 2015, he accepted an endorsement contract with the guitar,bass & ukulele maker " Truth " based in Aichi Prefecture . ​ In July 2016, he accepted an endorsement contract with the guitar strings brand " SIT Strings " . ​ In october 2016,He joined the Jazz Fusion Blues Trio Band "M.O.E ~Mass Of Ego~ ". (In January 2017, made a Japanese tour successful.) ​ In February 2017,He officially became a "Chicken Picks Guitar Picks" artist.







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