Henry Horn


Hello there , Kinda new here on this forum. Still exploring the posibilty's .... I am a late bloomer on guitar at the age of 57 now. I always had a guitar in the corner of the room. Toke lessons for 2 years from 2013 and on. Later Bandhub came on line and i think i was a earley adapter. Did some 120 collabs there and it helped me to play with people all around the globe. I also developed my vocal skills at the same time. Meanwile i started to visit Jamsessions to get of the stage freight... And here i am member of the cover band Purple-X. Where i learned to play guitar and sing at the same time. Coverbands are always tricky because everybody has to feel the same passion for all the same songs. We had many changes in members but since one year we got a steady group. At the moment we had 3 gigs so its all worth the effort.... We all play for fun with passion and trying to get things done with in the possibilities of the band. For no i have to hold my day job.....gotta pay the rent.... So the struggle still continues, Henry ,Indoguitar