Taking it back a bit old school using straight bars in his songs as well as mixing in some new school. Constantly writing how he feels using a laptop. First preforming with only a cheap headset on most of his songs. It was not until "My Saga" when he was able to get a studio quality microphone. Despite not having a producer or anyone to edit his music, Headheavy (Dalton Sutton) has done all of the editing on his tracks. Signing with a free record label called "Any And All Records" in September due to not having the connections or funds to sign with another. Diagnosed with multiple mental disorders like Bi-polar/Schizophrenia/Anxiety/Depression and PTSD Despite all of the negatives Headheavy continues to work on new music everyday and has a goal to reach people who are struggling like he is rather it be with metal disorders or just those who are on hard times. Influenced by 2Pac/DMX/NF/Tom MacDonald/Witt Lowry and Machine Gun Kelly. Headheavy is very active with his fans on social media giving time to everyone he can. Saying "Those who support you will get you to your goal" Now working on his official first album Demons that he is keeping some what secret not revealing much more than saying the album will be released some time in 2019. Until then more songs will keep coming.