Halshack Indie Rockcast


JUST POSTED ALL (18) RECENT SHOWS TO THE VIDEO PAGE!! These are NOT VIDEOS, they are PODOMATIC players, you can play them on PC or download the shows from the players and take with you!



What is music to you? What does it give you?

I own and produce a popular indie radio show and promo label (HALSHACK INDIE ROCKCAST) that strives on finding the hidden "gems" of the industry and bring them to the forefront of the biz. Ive been steadily growing my show over the last year across the web including ITUNES, SPOTIFY, CASTBOX, PODOMATIC, and PLAYERFM as well as a number of other sources from radio stations in the UK and Canada. We now have partnerships with indie publications and are soon looking at forming the next coolest record label established around you the indie artist. I also have a team of dedicated music professionals made up of ex-record label scouts for Road Runner Records (bought out by Warner Bros), professional music bloggers and reviewers from around the world! We write lengthy pieces on some of our bands that are worthy of the extra exposure. I am backed by and am currently working with major stars and up and coming bands! Stevie Nicks and Frankie Muniz have both invested their musical projects in my show as well as we have Rolling Stone nominated band Magic Giant. (SEE PHOTO WALL, OVER 50 PHOTOS AVAILABLE SHOWING ALL CREDITS TO MY NAME!!) I look for aspiring indie artists who have that professional commercial appeal to break out of the indie mold into mainstream stardom. So many solid acts that I work with are WAY better than any major FM acts working today. I feel the labels just don't pay attention to you bands unless you have at least a half million followers and that's just malarkey. Ive heard plenty of bands with 500k 1m or 4m or more and they are signed and its pathetic that these are considered the best! I have found much better material swirling around down here in 1500 fans to 200k. I always say "Just because you don't have a million fans doesn't mean you cant have a million fans, everyone has to start little and at the bottom" So if you see a review from me on your page, it will most likely be lengthy and picky. I'm sorry but I'm here to help. You bands need true helpful constructive criticism not 2 and 3 word reviews like "its great" and "I like it". I'm trying to show what you'll face in the real world of music professionals if you ever get that far. Its a dog eat dog world out there in the music industry. So lets all come together and try to support a common goal by helping indie music to shine bright!! HALSHACK RECORDS is in the works baby!! So I'm partnering up with some important people in the biz to form the next coolest MAJOR record label catering to you the indie artist, not some fat cat on a boat in Cancun who has no connection to you or your music! Like to partner with my acts, not own them, I just don't get that! It goes hand in hand, the artist needs the label and promotion, the label needs an artist to promote thats worthy and cuts hit records so everyone can become famous!! Geez, ts a freakin' no-brainer if you ask me. Work with the artist, don't control them and everyone is HAPPY!! These days it takes money to make you famous and it doesn't seem to matter if you deserve it or not. My acts that I choose are more deserving of the current lot of major FM stars and these labels don't have a clue they exist or they would be signed in a heartbeat!! Staling Eden is from Vancouver BC Canada and are a well known indie rock band in Canada has 40k cd sales on there own with no label!! They could sell a million or more if people "REALLY" knew who they were!! They have 8 straight rock radio ready tunes out of 11 off their cd. Thrown Away is just a good example but don't think its their only ace in the hole!! Think again, this is quite frankly the most technically proficient skilled rock band in history!! It took all the other great rock bands of the past to have this band exist today and they perfected the sound! www.HALSHACK.COM www.HALSHACK.COM/CREWS-VIEWS

What is your music dream?

To form a major (indie) record label that helps starving deserving indie artists that have that potential commercial x-factor to become a hit and a household name that would otherwise never have the chance because somebody's Grandad doesn't have millions of dollars to make them famous. Just cause you have money doesn't mean you're the best and deserve to be known. Just means you had deeper pockets...ughh! Time to change this business from the ground up!!

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

I'd start with cleaning house on FM radio and making room for real talent that writes their own music and produces their own hit songs without ever needing a record label to record them or "help" them write a hit song and get them teams of people and writers and producers. Its called natural talent, not manufactured talent. My acts could storm the radio with their finely produced quality material that never needs to see a recording studio. The album is already made an cut. If its good, lets put it out and make it a HIT!!