Gerry Son and The Smokin Gun


"We Came From The Stars We May Return Some Day…" Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun were formed in July 2019, with the collective passion for making dark, sexy, rock music that crosses genres, ages & races. "We want to make music to fill that void created by modern life", Gerry Son, 2019. The band are all based in Stirling, Scotland. "Why Don't You Play a Little Song Like This…" Their music is exciting & eclectic in influence, often experimental but always ridiculously catchy, with lyrics filled with passion, often tounge-in-cheek humour but always empowering to any listener who feels they don't have a voice. "Living Free is a Full-Time Occupation" Comprising of frontman/guitarist Gerard McGlade, guitarist and sound engineer Roddy MacKenzie, bassist Greg Hadlow and drummer Ross Pilgrim, they would describe their music as dark, funky alternative rock or Food for the Soul. "You Gotta Steal Your Heart Away, You Gotta Steal, Don't Let It Fade… " Known for their huge dynamic sing along Rock songs & energetic live performance Gerry Son & The Smokin’ Gun have amassed a repertoire of foot stomping, arena chanting songs in a short time. With their blistering debut Pleasure Pursuits EP released October 2019 they quickly followed this up on January 2020 with the release of Song Like This EP with the title track seen as their manifesto. "Gimme Some of that Cheap Dirty Love…" On 29 May 2020, Gerry Son & The Smokin' Gun released their eagerly anticipated debut album, Cheap Dirty Love. Available on all digital streaming platforms it features 10 brand new songs that promise plenty of high energy, dark & sexy Cheap Dirty Love. We'd love to hear ur thoughts on it. For exclusive music & merch why not snap up an official Gerry Son T-shirts or Limited Edition signed record & visit us at: Why drop us a line & visit us at: Instagram - Twitter - Contact us at: [email protected]