Where we're at

After Joe Carroll had spent some time trying to work with various musicians to put music to his lyrics he stumbled across me, Kevin Skinner. I'm generally up for anything new so I went a long to see how we'd get on. The result was astonishing and way beyond anything I expected. Joe's lyrics are sublime and he is amazingly prolific, without ever allowing quality to suffer. We're able to work together in an almost telepathic way that I have rarely experienced and never to this degree. Within a few months we had over thirty songs sketched out. We made rough recordings of fifteen of them and set about finding more personnel to form a band. That hasn't happened at the pace we like to work at so we're pressing ahead with making polished recordings of some of the songs which we'll be airing online while we wait for the right people to come along and join us. So while we regard ourselves as a complete unit for the work we want to do initially, we're also on the lookout for musicians to join us in taking our music out to play live.