Gary Courtland-miles


There's no doubt about it, I have the Music bug! ? And being an enthusiastic Student of Life, a passionate Improvisational Pianist & Composer, as far as I'm concerned, we should all hope to be infected with it! ? Yes, it's all about 'Sharing the Joy, and connecting up with all of the amAzing 'Creatives' who bring it forth! In fact, the creativity and willingness 'to Engage' that i find here quite simply 'Blows me Away'! ? It's an ever-expanding Feast that nourishes and inspires on so many levels. Music Communicates the Emotional and Informational Content and Context of Heart, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. And 'Letting it Flow' is 'Where Its At' as I hEAR it! Here's a bit of a bio, if anyone is interested. Somehow, my MUSE got my attention at a tender age; about the time I was completing my Royal Conservatory training in the mid 60's. My memory being poorer than most, I began improvising in the passages I had forgotten. ;) . And while the audience seemed unaware, my teacher chastised me indulgently, saying, "it appears I have a budding composer on my hands"! And thus began my Odyssey into the wonderful Vibrational world of Sound!:-) In-deed, I have been an ardent, attentive and appreciative acolyte of my Muse ever since. During the early 1970s I had the pleasure and honour of a three year friendship and Master Class with the then Octogenarian Composer Manoah Leide-Tedesco , one of Tone Poem giant Richard Strauss` favorite pupils and friend of Maurice Ravel and other 20th century composers such as Stravinsky (whose music he helped popularize). Since then, whether Improvising, listening, studying composition or devoting myself wholly to the visual arts for years at a time, I have been deeply aware that sharing my musical insights , teaching, and or mentoring young aficionados came with the territory! I love it, although I am afraid that as my consciousness expands...that I know less and less each year! :-) This Tonal Oasis is a fine and wondrous place in oh so many ways. And with your support and appreciation, I de-Light to share my music with an ever widening audience. I call what i upload ' Sound-Seeds'. Most of these 'bed tracks' call out to be fleshed out by passionate soloists who somehow Resonate with my Soundz and Ideas. So please drop me a line, as i am most interested in letting them bear more fruit through collaboration, interpretation, re-mixing or use in other media. And on a personal Note, a Huge Thank-You to each and all who listen, inJoy, and Re-Post onwards what finds it's way thru me! ? Bless y'all. It's my Joy to simply 'Let' the Creative Spirit find expression through this instrument of Body, Mind, and Heart! I hope you will find some peace, joy, and rest, in at least some of my improvisations, compositions, or soundz. Insofar as playing, and composing ... as you continue on in Your journey into the infinite 'Cave of Wonders' we call Music, I wish you all the very best in all Your creative endeavours. So Be Kind to yourSelves and one another. Be Audacious, Ready to Play, and above all, share the Joy of being able to express whatever you're feeling. In-deed, may The Muse continue to 'Sing on and Play on' through each of us ! For this is one way this 'ol world is lifted up, and Changed for the better - note by note, and smile by smile . Yes, may we simply Let our Creativity flow forth without concern for results. Peace, and Cheer always! Gary *+*