Gary Collinsworth


Hi, I've been playing on and off (mostly off) since high school. My friends had a band, and though I wanted to play bass, they had that covered so I got an ARP Axxe mono-synth and fumbled through some keyboard work! Like many of us, everyday life took priority and writing took a back seat to more pressing needs. But it's never too late to start again, and here I am trying to make a go of it with Crystal Expanse. Not sure how to "classify" my music - I use synths and keyboards. I like to mix electronic and acoustic sounds - synth sounds with acoustic drums. Eager to experiment with more exotic ideas - just need the time. If you like my songs, I'm on Facebook (Crystal Expanse), Soundcloud, ... the usual places ... also Spotify. Don't know about you, but when I hear a track I enjoy, I usually think about how I would arrange/produce it. It is energizing to imagine what sounds I would use, how I might change the structure ... . So if I comment on your work, please accept it as I intend it, a compliment - your music has touched me in a positive way. I welcome any constructive feedback. Let the adventure begin!