Gaelan ONeill

A Brief Introduction To Who I Am

Music Background: Link To My Music Catalog EPK: My name is Gaelan O'Neill and I am an audio engineer, sound designer, foley artist, studio musician, producer and composer. I am highly motivated when it comes to creating music and have used that passion to achieve a degree in Music Production Recording Arts. I have years of experience within the industry from playing in bands, producing, co-producing and composing music for local rappers and podcasts, as well as the experience of just recording my own music. I have produced copious amounts of music and have done lots of shows along the west coast and now parts of the North West. In the duration of all this I was able to gain experience and the abilities to become a multi-instrumental artist as well as being able to mix and add the proper production aspects needed. Currently I play bass for a pop punk band called Perfect Score but originally born a guitarist. And after years of begging my mom, finally a drummer! By being a part of this, I have also gained skills in business side of how to sell your art. My dream is to find a company that I can produce music for and hone my skills and my passion for sound design, foley and writing/programming digital music using midi. Computer Science Background: I am an entry level information technology technician with over two years of combined professional technical experience. I am seeking to contribute my training and acquired skills in a dynamic professional environment. I have experience performing a variety of technological duties supporting information technology systems, including: • Setting up, operating and facilitating system utilization • Operating components of information technology systems and peripheral equipment • Addressing user needs and troubleshooting equipment • Providing end-user support • Communicating well and helping to resolve technical issues E-Mail : [email protected] Phone Number available upon request. Current Music Links: Perfect Score: