Gabs Marco


Gabs Marco was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil back in 1996. He started his music career in London, England back in 2011 as a singer of a small band ‘The Zodiatics’. Being a manager and performer in the band, he successfully managed an externally-financed single recording for the band. The single was received with positive reviews and led to interest from Zube Records a few months ahead. He was interviewed by Dumont Radio during that period. In October 2011 the group disbanded. Gabs Marco re-formed the band with a new drummer and they renamed themselves to ‘The Fourtitude’ where they played various gigs around London venues. The positive interest in the band grew, leading to a free full EP recording, mixing and mastering offered by the owners at ‘Eastcote Studios’ (where Adele had previously recorded her album ’21’). In mid-2012, Due to other members of the band leaving for studying purposes, Gabs Marco continued his work as a solo artist. He recorded his first solo single ‘You & Me’ in 2013. The next day he was called up for an interview at the radio station Educador FM and was aired on the station with incredible feedback. “Best submission we’ve had so far” - “This is a great hit, just keep them coming” - Sam (Kobalt Music) In 2014 he was offered £1000 from a business man to record his EP ‘Turbulence’. Although it had great feedback, Gabs Marco wasn’t happy with the overall production and discontinued further promotion of the EP. The following year, he found the musical style he felt fully satisfied with. ‘Live Free’ was recorded in February 2015, self-financed and positively-received. It was promoted on iTunes, sold a few copies and was picked up by various radios. It was played by ‘Educadora FM, Aranãs FM, Basile Rock Radio, Astro Radio, BBC Introducing’ amongst other radios in different countries. Late 2015, ‘Faithless’ was recorded. A track composed to open the eyes of the world to all the violence that’s happening globally. A music video was produced and it spread fast. “This is a masterpiece, it has elated me beyond my expectations” - Bernd Winkler Currently (Feb/March 2017), Gabs Marco has finished recording his latest single ‘Love Sorcery’, released through BandCamp. It is considered the sister-track to ‘Live Free’ as it maintains the ‘funky verses - grunge choruses’ style mix that he’s made his own. It has been placed under high consideration of promotion through ‘Bored Panda’ and ‘9GAG’ - two social media blogs with millions of active fans. “One of your best tracks so far” - Mitzi Berberi (Lawyer at FOX) ‘Love Sorcery’ is in current negotiation for TV/Film placements through FOX. Gabs Marco has currently been offered a licensing contract yet to be signed with Colin Crook, founder of ‘Hook or by Crook Music Publishers’. Gabs Marco is currently seeking a Record/Publishing/Distribution deal.