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What is music to you? What does it give you?

The significance & meaning of music in my life is much more essential, complex and deeper than it possibly is for the majority of other artists in my category & stage/phase of my career. Music can be referred to, as the leading/primary factor-characteristic and personality trait defining me as a person, as well as one of(if not "the") most important/key elements and pieces of my soul's foundation & structure. Its identified as the main cause, motive, ambition, inspiration in my life along with being my driving force, helping me to stand firm, fight, carry on & never give up or break under the pressure, in the most difficult, severe, challenging, crucial, troublesome & problematic moments-situations of my life by providing/strengthening my faith, hope, confidence & inspiration. I discovered, recognized & identified music(hip-hop/rap genre more specifically) as one of the 2 main passions & purposes of my life in the very early stages of my life, at the age of 6; Shortly after, I also became aware of my natural, unique and peculiar talent + capabilities. Learning the base & fundamentals of music AKA "The Music Theory" in a 2 year period also helped me to develop/enhance my abilities and skillset as well as establish/solidifying my bond-connection-affiliation with music

What is your music dream?

To turn my legacy to reality, become so wealthy to be able to support, provide, and share it with my entire family tree members + homies, friends, & every person that I love and care for by putting them on; to become a well known, well-respected, popular, global/international household brand name/public figure superstar artist(rapper) & have the largest/most broad multi-cultural fanbase across the world & last but not least, collaborate, become homies and hang with all of my influential/favorite artists.

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

I would start with ending all the wars which are the main cause-source for majority of the world's destruction & disasters, bring peace, Eliminate or cut down on negative feelings such as hate, envy, grudge, negative form of greed, etc. as much as possible & spread positive feelings such as love & respect among people(different races more specifically) so they all accept & respect each other the way they are, despite all the differences & make them become close & friendly toward each other, building towards a better ecosystem/future in which we all develop, move forward, craft & make the best use of the wonderful & spectacular world, planet & all of God's creations as one race(Humanity) instead of focusing on meaningless, pointless, irrational & devastating conflicts with each other by trying to segregate, take apart and causing chaos between each other with nothing but negative outcomes in the end; *I would plan and execute all of the above & much more but I WOULD NOT, In Any Way, Shape Or Form Promote Or Spread Communism & I would like to Mention That I'm Totally Against The Full/General Idea Of Communism

What inspires you to make music?

The True-Authentic Internal Natural Passion Of Music