From Texas


Born out of nowhere from Isacco Pattini (guitars, vocals) and Massimo Magnani (drums & lyrics), the band grew up between dirty pubs and old clubs along the Italian Mississippi (the Po River). In 2014 From Texas recorded the first EP My Home Is The Road, performing besides band like Ancestors, Night Horse and Jettblack. Then, while the new bass guitar player Rocco Casali joined the band, From Texas kept creating Alternative Hard Rock music - inspired by Metallica's Load - and pushing in some big noise and heavier riffs. In 2019 From Texas recorded a full length album called To Nowhere, released in December, followed by two videoclips.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Inner trip to share emotions, love, anger, alcoholic and rock'n'roll experiences. Spread to the world our voice, turning up the volume even more.