Frederik Dj Freger

Who's radio Dj Freger?

Dj Freger is a hobby radio dj since 1980 (age 15) from Willebroek, Flanders (Dutch speaking part of) Belgium. I like most of all to play independent music or signed at small labels in my 2 hours Globetrotter Mixes 'Globetroter Mixed Genres' & 'Globetrotter Country Mix' My radio mixes spin since August 2018 at SHACK Radio, Morwell, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia : See playlists on my facebook timeline : or playlist group : Other hobby promoting independent artists or signed at a very small label, I promote for free but I accept NOT next genres: Hip Hop, Streetbeatz, screaming or very rough Hardrock and Death Metal. You can contact me via facebook pm (I have NO messenger via smartphone, not enough fingerfunction)