Freddie Lamour


I'm an professional bassist, & vocalist, in the greater Seattle area. I can play anything, but Funk is my forte. From NYC, via Las Vegas, and played next to every hotel in the city. I've played with local bands such as Soul Society, The Cody Rentas Band, Seth Freeman, the JetCity Players, Rhythm Nation. Performing i.e.: 7 Cedars, Two Rivers, The Point, Clearwater, and Iron Horse Casinos, Triple Door main room, Blue Martini, along with many local clubs and venues. I'm looking for working situation. I read music, and chord charts. I sing lead/back-up, play keyboards, gtr & have PA gear. I play: Modulus 6 str, Line6/Variax 5 str, Fender Fretless 4 str, TC Electronics/GK/Trace Elliot and Korg gear 602.405.6912 Freddie Lamour History: Born and raised in New York City. He began his interest in music in the 60's. His main instrument is bass guitar. He also plays Guitar & Keyboards. A music major in collage, including French Horn, Trumpet & Bassoon. Began touring the country in high energy Dance & Show bands in the 70's. Has a massive appreciation for many styles of the art form. Played all over the country, Canada & Puerto Rico Moved to Las Vegas in 1980. Spent the entire decade playing, Caesars Palace, Flamingo, MGM, Frontier, Bellagio, Sands Convention, and all hotels & casinos. Played many Vegas Conventions and Saudi Arabia, He worked with well known stars like The Unknown Comic, Murray Langston. His forte in funk music but, loves Reggae, Broadway, Progressive Rock and many forms of Jazz. Moved to Phoenix in 1989, and put his own band together called 'Masque'. He worked continuously throughout the 90's. Did all the bookings. Played The Phoenician Hotel, Scottsdale Hilton, and most casinos in Maricopa Co. He has worked continuously since his moving to Seattle