Frank La-rosa


My name is Frank La Rosa and I took more than 30 years playing and managing different types of bands, playing jazz, Latin, American and international music. I am a graduate of Percussion in The National School of Art in Cuba My musical esperiencia has been in different countries such as Panama, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France, Malta and the United States where I live in all kinds of events, clubs, cabarest, festivals, Music Schools,ect. I have participated in important events like jazz festivals (Jazz Plaza in Cuba) as member of the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory Orchestra. Carnivals and the main clubs and cabarets, among which is the Tropicana (1993-1994). Tours with great Shows to countries like Panama, Spain, Canada, Italy, France, Malta, Tunisia and the United States ( Yuno Alaska, Latin Grammy Houston, Calle 8 Carnivals, Miami. ect). I have taught Percussion courses in Universities as UACJ and TEC de Monterrey (Mexico 1995-1997) and Percuba (1987) in Cuba. I had participation in different LP (Te with E and issue would be) under the EGREM and FANIA seals. Work on the New Flamingo Cruise (2009) and the most famous Latin Club in Miami Beach Mamgos Cafe (1998-2005). Today, I play and write musical arrangements for different local bands, in addition to direct my own band Latin music and Jazz also have a group of percussion (Klave), where we played folk music Afro-Cuban, in addition to produce and record our own songs and make music for flims, documentaries, youtubers.