Flora George


I am born on 27th of January 1996, Bulgaria, in a family of musicians. I have started my music development at the age of 9 with the “Academy for talents” by the leadership of my mother. I have participated in local competitions for singers and gained my first studio and TV experience. At the age of 11, I have started playing the harp and attended the National Music School in Sofia. I have participated in a lot of masterclasses and competitions for harp from which I have received very satisfying results. The last two years of my studying I changed my subject to classical singing. I have learned how to reach the highest pitches of my voice and to be competent in the opera genre. I have graduated my secondary education in 2014 and I was accepted to start the National Music Academy with harp again. Recently after the beginning of my first semester, I preferred to start working with The Venetian Resorts in Macau for Sands China Limited. I was working as a harpist and an actress, which gave me a lot of new experience in the entertainment and creative production. From November 2015 until now I am taking part in performances and concerts with Bulgarian musicians and bands in the pop, pop-rock, trip-hop, ethnic/trance styles and etc. Currently, I am preparing to start my first project including my own lyrics and music.