Explorers Of The Dreamworld


The concept of Explorers has grown to planetary proportions in the form of the groups epically extensive catalogue of material (most of which has never been found), and through countless admirers & endless believers who have helped spread the musical ideas from person to person through word of mouth. All of this has become necessary only because of the groups very mysterious nature and stubborn decision never to market themselves nor appear over any form of social media... thus making their musical recordings hard to find and extremely valuable. I am their new manager and its very hard for me to get ahold of them. I don't believe they have internet access but if somehow found out i put their stuff Drooble, they might kill me. So please know that i am taking this risk just so people outside of Portland, OR can hear them!!! WORDS/LYRICS/RHYMES/FLOWS: written &/or freestyled by: Maxwell Sunshine MUSIC/BEATS/SOUNDS/INSTRUMENTALS: programed &/or played by: Jacob Starfish SPEAK TO WE DIRECTLY, INDEFINITELY, SEXUALY, EXCESSIVELY, OBSESSIVELY AQUI: explorersofthedreamworld@gmail