Evet Socrates

Evet Socrates: Tonality Meets Technique

Evet Socrates has been creating and recording music since an early age, encouraged by his parents, talented in music and art. He has written and recorded over 500 of his own songs. Early on he was exposed to New Wave and Neo-Classical Metal and his interest in guitar playing surged with an all-encompassing vigor. Throughout his career, Evet has strived to maintain a balance between ‘tonality and technique’, and create not just songs, but works of art. Evet has striven to continually expand his horizons and draw upon any source that may yield new creative ideas and approaches including world music from the East such as India, Europe, Arabia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Bali, crossing cultural norms and genres by using such instruments, scales, and forms of those various cultures in his compositions. Evet has long studied to get a fundamental grasp on such music so as to respectfully integrate and not just flash it out somewhere as a quick affectation. "I always felt a need to go beyond the norm, so progressing to more exotic sounds was appealing. I love the Arabian Nights tales and the Adventures of Sinbad as in the Charles Schneer/Ray Harrihausen films. I was exposed to the Hindus by some Hari Krishnas when I was 6. And then the soundtrack to Cosmos in 1979 really opened my ears to the likes of Vangelis and Tomita, and music from around the world."