Erik Rosvold


I have recorded (vocals, lyrics) with the progressive metal band Zero Hour on "The Towers of Avarice" and "Metamorphosis" albums as well as Cynthesis' "DeEvolution", "ReEvolution" and "Wide Awake in Babylon" albums for the Sensory label. I also provided lyrics, vocals and various instruments to Marble's "Starlite Storage" which was self-financed and released. We were best described as a kind of a classic rock with eclectic overtones. Zero Hour Cynthesis REVIEW Zero Hour: The Towers of Avarice Reviewer: Murat Batmaz at Sea of Tranquility Score: 5 out of 5 Zero Hour's second album, The Towers of Avarice, is possibly the most essential technical prog metal album of the millennium. It differs vastly from other bands' works in that it is characterized by an instantly recognisable songwriting aura, with machine-like instrument precision, incredibly haunting vocals, terrific lyrics, and superb production. In short, it offers everything fans of technical progressive metal expect. It is uncompromisingly heavy and capped by relentless riffage, excellent drum and bass work, and minimal keyboards to achieve atmosphere. However, rather than opting for one-dimensional, single-minded technical prowess, their music also presents a strong emotional impact from start to finish.