Erico Falcone


Erico Falcone has been born in Greece and lived, raised and studied there till his base become the city of Berlin in Germany.Till now Erico Falcone has played in several venues, from private events , bars, clubs to festivals, social organizations. and artistic events.To name few of them is the festival of “plötzlich am Meer” festival in Poland,clubs like Magdalena(Berlin),Keller(Berlin),Zmf(Berlin),Loftus Hall,Brunnen70,Mein Haus Am See,Humbolthain,Promenaden Eck,Anita Berber,Cake -bar,Veto(Ibiza),Nafpigio(Crete),UK,Tacheles Berlin, and more even at Messe Berlin.Erico Falcone has shared decks with Sebastien Leger,the prince of dance: Elbee Bad ,Franz Scala, Slotmachine ,Der Kosmonaut,Rene Schier,Le Trip,Vinilette,Caio Haar,Lee Williams,Slotmachine,El Fulminador ,Nils Twachtmann,Sebastien Leger and more.After some years of practice and learning,he has been producing over 400 pieces of sound,noise and music covering all the spectrum of musical areas focusing mostly on a “tape” form of sound with frequencies lower than 16000 Hz most of the times creating a nostalgic,bluesy,noir sound with idm rhythmical patterns and noises covering the deepest state of mind.Loudness is not the matter for Erico Falcone and tempo is a musical part of the story,dancing and harmonising the rhythmical and cinematic senses of the sound.Noir Fidelity and the drone machine project is the other two important aliases of Erico Falcone escaping of the nowadays reality of electronic music.At the moment you can find him studying at SAE Institute the art and science of Sound focusing his mind deeper to the sound and creating curiosity for a new and different approach to his music.It is very interesting to watch and follow this progress.Untill now , Erico Falcone has over 400 sound and musical pieces under his belt to be released under eclectic record and tape labels but also digitally on his band camp and selective labels.But the journey doesn’t stop here,as Erico is collaborating with various artists as Elbee Bad, Endov Lane for the music and videos with Thomas Qn following artistic projects and performing live for the Lick&Listen project in Berlin as well.Don’t forget to mention his friends who have created together the “touch of polyphony”more for that on all social media: search it.So,If you like him or you want to get to know him,just say Hi.