Eric Holsinger


I have always loved music. As a child, I would be able to sing almost any song I heard by heart after hearing it just a few times. As I got older, my interest in music grew, and at age 9, I started taking piano lessons. This was the turning point, because from then on, I knew I wanted to play music, not just listen to it. I've been in several bands in my lifetime, and I currently am playing piano in a duet called 'The Soul Daddy'z'. The songs that are featured here are just me, all solo efforts that I have written over the past 30 years or so. I just recently started learning how to record and mix my own songs, so some of the quality is sub par, but you'll get the idea. Music has saved my life countless times, just recently in 2011, I became ill with Liver diease, and had gotten very very sick. I eventually had to have a Liver transplant in 2016, and I am now doing very well. It was music that helped me through it all, music was there for me in the dark times, and helped me find my way to the light! I thank you all for taking the time to listen to my songs, and hope you find as much joy in your music as I do in mine!