Emanuele Ciampini


Emanuele Ciampini, Owner, Music Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer. Classical musician, he began playing piano at the age of 9, subsequently obtaining the first diploma in piano playing conferred by the Conservatory. In 2005, he received a second diploma in Guitar playing and Sound engineering conferred by the University of Music in Rome. Later he gained experience in recording studios too, particular collaborating with maestro Alessandro Centofanti at the "LEAD recordings" in Rome. In 2012 Emanuele composed the song "The light world" included in the "Grande Mistero" album by Irene Fornaciari He is the founder of ECMusic Productions, a professional agency of music services and recording studios with which he works on numerous singles, EPs and albums, in particular for emerging artists such as Singers, Songwriters and Musical Groups.