Els Vc


Eleanor is born in 1980 under the name Els Vancompernolle Born in Oostende and living in Gistel (Belgium) As a little girl she was already attracted to music , and dancing . And how older she became how more she was atractive to music , and how bigger the dream was to become a Dj . Eleanor start to play with vinyl in 2003, and playd for various years in Longplay and Neverland both Afterclubs at Ostend . Eleanor made a promise to her good friend who unfortunately lost the battle against cancer that she was going to continue with music She played in famous Belgium clubs , Longpay ( OOstende) , Neverland (Oostende), Boccaccio Beach (Oostende), Kings Club (Aalst) , Black X(kortrijk) , Catacombes (roeselaere) Decadance (Gent) Oj's (Gent) Infinity(Gent) D-tox Club (Denderleeuw) , Le Club DOOS (France) , Vamos Club (France) XS CLUB ( Blaton) The Lounge Boat (Aalst), PRIVAT WALK (Loppem) Concepts: Mea Culpa , Babylon , Our House. Badaboom SUBGROUNDTECHNOLOGY Radio Stations :Artin.P Broadcast (Techno Radio) MixOne Radio we can make U dance (Argentina) MWS Radio (Kemzeke) Dancewars (Topradio) The Next LevelTechno , My own concept Genre: Techno , Dark Techno , Hard Techno , Minimal Techno [email protected]