Eixo Bio

Eixo exploded onto the Salt Lake City music scene seemingly out of nowhere at the start of 2018, drawing large audiences to their energetic live shows and delivering catchy, danceable tunes that seamlessly combine modern synth-pop with a hint of 80s new wave and 90s trip hop vibe. Eixo is fronted by lead singer BriAnn Rachele, whose dynamic vocals are backed by guitarist Gunther Fischli, bassist Chris Scharman and drummer Mitchell Razon. Eixo was the brainchild of Fischli, who is the principal songwriter, but the band’s music draws heavily on the eclectic make up of its members. Fischli spent his childhood in Brazil listening to heavy metal and jazz music from around the world. Scharman grew up in Utah but has lived and traveled widely, absorbing diverse musical influences. Razon is from Chile and was raised on shoegaze and 80s alternative rock. Rachele began a modeling career at the young age of 14 and has worked in fashion, film and music, even appearing in Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” official music video. Eixo’s sound is defined by atmospheric synths, Rachele’s emotional vocals, Scharman and Razon’s driving rhythmic grooves, and Fischli’ creatively restrained guitar work. Eixo released the single “Stay” in November of 2017, an emotional ballad that instantly became a fan favorite. The band has also released six additional singles: “100 Exes”, “Drive”, “Shutting Door”, “What Would I Give”, "On The Ledge" and the latest "Just Tired."