Ed Lucas


I started playing drums in earnest in 1989 when I found myself listening to Hysteria-era Def Leppard and was amazed at Rick Allen's return to drumming. I'd played a very short while a number of years earlier, doing the paint-by-numbers approach under a local teacher who never really made me listen to music. So the Def Leppard experience was the fire that got me started. I recorded stuff incessantly on cassettes to review my playing but developed a number of "albums" (ha!) of that nonsense that became the basis for being more critical and keen to develop more in the recording world. I took some piano classes at school a few years later. Lust for making sound led me to borrow basses and guitars and playing them as wrong as possible to elicit sounds bound for four-track cassette recordings, and eventually a nice creative streak on a Roland VS-880 when that was a hot new thing. I had a heyday period in 1995-2005 and had to put things aside for some years but since 2012 have revived and carried on and do work for local songwriters and some of my own stuff and try to be more musical about it all.