DSG Project


For a first challenge I have tried to simplify the rules. Key changes and time signature changes etc may add confusion and we are learning as we go here. • We keep in the key of C Major. (If you are unsure of this just PM me will explain) • The tempo is 120 bpm. • We stay in 4/4 or a derivative. 2/4 16/8 etc. No waltz's or 7/8 • Each person is allocated a number and has 8 bars to add per turn • I will send the updated files to work to via Drooble messenger attachment. • One instrument. Keyboard sound (Not too layered). Guitar, (Strum or Lead, acoustic or electric), Drums, string, woodwind, vocal. Whatever. Bang two saucepans as long as they are tuned to C. • Should go without saying but make sure you are in tune. • If you are unsure just ask. • Vocalist, please don't leave the next vocalist with an impossible rhyme. "We are the Drooble Super group and we love oranges" may sound great but the next line is a hard one. • Your 8 bars can be a overdub or continue the song. • Everyone gets a position and a turn. When we run out of people we go back to the beginning again. • Please try to serve the song not yourself. If it needs a bass guitar at bar 24 and you can play one then fill that gap rather than shredding in a new bar. • If we start to get major drumming gaps or bass gaps etc I may have to give certain people extra goes, will are all multi instrumentalist so I would hope to avoid this. I am sure we can all sing also. • Groups/duo's can split if they want as long as they add something different, that way getting more goes. • At times we may have to request a direction. Can't have a never ending verse, will need to build a chorus and middle 8 if needed. Also an end when we get to that point.