Dracu Hu


music is my way to see the world . rithm and harmony : this is nature , the begin of everything ... If you would try to imagine Tera like an egg before it was laid , you may also imagine how , after it was laid , it wanders alone in some sort of universal soup all by it self and how soon , it become a planetary larva taking care of it self on its own and than soon , turn out in a young planet good integrated in the universal society … And we the human kind are its nervous system ... We are like the nervous expression of a state of mind of our planet , which reveal it self in our absurd behavior day by day . It is like Tera would be afraid of something and lost it´s head and we in our inducted absurdity react like the nervous system of a boxer which was punched in his chin and now he is on the way to get unconsciousness … we panic , we make mistakes , we pray for help … And if we steel manage to imagine , let´s try to imagine how the nervous system of a boxer react , when after the punch he don´t get unconsciousness and don´t fell down . Tera took the punch ! It´s now on us to decide if we go down , or we stand up and fight . I KNOW we steel can stand up but only if we take the right decisions on the right time ...