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- Drooble

Who wins and what are the prizes?

On 08.02.2018 three prizes will be given:

First - $300
Second - $150
Third - $50

A jury of musicians from Drooble will choose the winners.

Hints for winning:

- The more people in the collaboration, the better chances of winning
- The more votes on your mix, the better chances of winning
- The better quality of sound, the better chances of winning
- Making a video of the collaboration and/or sharing part of “the making of” in it, the better chances of winning

What’s Accepted - Requirements and Deadline

Deadline for submissions - 31.01.2018

- Any music genres are good
- The length of the piece should be more than 2 minutes

What is Drooble?

Drooble is the social network where musicians unite, help and support each other.

Why do we do this?

We heard your longing for features to collaborate with other musicians. So we decided to create this contest and encourage you to collaborate more with like-minded musicians.

All in all, we think that our current contest is a huge win for everyone. So get busy, submit your collaborations!


It' simple - do your best to create a great collaboration and enjoy making music. Copyrights to all music added here remain yours - Drooble does require ownership to your mixes, nor to your samples. We are just a platform helping you connect and spread the love of music.