We are a mexican rock band formed since 2007. We like to create, record and produce our own songs and we would like to reach and connect new people all over the world. We first started playing music from our favorite bands and playing in schools, fairs, parties and friend's meetings. After a few years playing together, we decided to write our own songs and to record them by our own. In 2011 we released our first home album called Alemán/Duarte which contains 11 songs (10 of which are from our authorship). In 2015 we released our second album, which is called "Nunca Te Olvidé" which contains 14 songs, all from our authorship. We have been creating our own videos as well. All of them are available to watch and listen in our YouTube channel. Nowadays we are working in our third album, which is going to be professionally produced and we expect it to be in radio and massive media.