Jürgen Müller


started as a DJ in the late 70`s, played in some of the best Clubs in Europe, worked for several Radio Stations and agencies ,etc. and finally got the opportunity, to look behind the curtain, cause a friend of mine , who worked as a technician in a big Recording Studio here in my hometown, invited me for a sightseeing. I stayed there for 2 years, not paid, but i had the chance, to look over some shoulders, to learn some basics about recording and producing and had the opportunity, to work with some of the greatest vocalists on Earth , like Chaka Khan or Jocelyn Brown. Since 2 years, i have my own litte Home Recording / Bedroom Studio here at my house,.working on new ideas. Last year, i met Isaac Roosevelt, a very talented US Vocalist, who was in the Semi Finals of Germany`s "Voice of Germany". With our first Project, "Wake up everybody" we got a Label Deal with Sounds United. btw. the Founder , Dieter Stemmer, Ex-A&R from Rough Trade , Dance Street, was the first, who brought House Music to Europe / Germany in the 80`s. I grew up with funky Music, like KC & Sunshine Band, Earth Wind & Fire, etc, also great melodical input from Bands like Eagles, Toto etc. Unfortunately, i don`t play any instrument, can`t read or write any note, just use my pc, Ableton and Cubase, to make my Ideas hearable.This is hard and very time-consuming. I`m new here, but in that short time, i`ll recogniced , that here are a lot of talented and creative people are around, so if you are interrested, get in touch with me and lets start something. ps. if you like, check out my soundcloud site , to hear my latest work. https://soundcloud.com/jamd-2 Best DJM ( Jürgen Müller )