Jürgen Müller


started as a DJ in the late 70`s, played in some of the best Clubs in Europe, worked for several Radio Stations and agencies ,etc. and finally got the opportunity, to look behind the curtain, cause a friend of mine , who worked as a technician in a big Recording Studio here in my hometown, invited me for a sightseeing. I stayed there for 2 years, not paid, but i had the chance, to look over some shoulders, to learn some basics about recording and producing and had the opportunity, to work with some of the greatest vocalists on Earth , like Chaka Khan or Jocelyn Brown. Since 2 years, i have my own litte Home Recording Studio here at my house,.working on new ideas. I grew up with funky Music, like KC & Sunshine Band, Earth Wind & Fire, etc, also great melodical input from Bands like Eagles, Toto etc. All the Best and stay safe DJM ( Jürgen Müller )