Dip Sauce


We are Dip Sauce. A Grunge, Punk Alternative Band from Athens, Greece, since 2013. We released on December 2016 our single "Dive into... the Sauce", and at July 2017 we released our debut album "Dreamless Mortars", you can find it on YouTube, and if you want to support the band, you can find us on BandCamp too :) It will be a pleasure if you heard us a bit, like our music, and share it to the whole world. :)




How did you get together as a band?

We got together though school, in mid March 2013. Me, (Harry) (Guitarist/Vocals) and Mike (Drummer) where in the same school, and at a same course lesson, we started talking about music, and that we want a band to jam. George (Bassist) was later introduced by Mike at the first rehearsal. After a year of jamming together, we started writing some song, but we needed a singer. So I started grabbing the mic too. And after those many years, we did our first gig in July 2016, and started to record and do more live gigs :) and that's who we are today :D

What is music to you?

To us, it is a way of expressing our everyday struggles. But except that, it is something that we really love, and put a lot of heart in it.

What is the meaning of the band’s name?

Hahaha That is kind of secret. It didn't have a meaning at start though, but later on we thought of a meaning behind it. (Hint) The meaning is hidden somewhere in the logo ;)

What is your band to you? Each member can write their own answer

(Since the other 2 don't have Drooble yet, Only I will answer) Harry: For me the band is everything. Writing and playing with those guys is just magic.

What is your music about and what message do you want to send with it?

It is Grunge. (Or something like that. Alternative Grunge? We really don't know) So if you know what Grunge is, you get the meaning behind it. Our debut album, Dreamless Mortars, is mainly about the everyday struggle of us teenagers-young adults, such as, brake ups, not knowing what to believe, addictions and many more, (except Criminals, Don't and Bad Dog). We want to send a "Wake-up-Voice" to the youth of Greece (or even the youth of the World too), because we are the people of tomorrow.

What inspires you to make music?

Probably our everyday life.

Which musicians or bands have influenced your music?

Of course Nirvana. Our first jams were Nirvana, Rape me, Breed and D7 (although not a Nirvana song, but we did the Nirvana version). We later on started to hear different music styles each. Harry, more into Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and some Folk (Dylan, Young etc), George mostly in more modern music, and Mike more Stoner and Desert Rock.

What have you learnt from each other that you didn’t know before joining this band?

That we really connect, not only as band-mates, but also as really good friends.

What is the feeling during a live show?

It is really intense on stage for us. But we really love it, and usually after a gig, we say to each other "I want to play more!"

What do you dream of?

Mostly being heard and being liked by other people.

What does it take for a band to get their music heard by a larger audience?

If the band loves what it is doing, and if the band-mates have a really good connection, the audience will see that and appreciate it!