Dino Rhelos


To preface my bio, I would like to express my intentions for participating on Drooble. My two main intents are: 1) To share my art with those who may be interested in hearing it. 2) To share my knowledge of music theory, technique, and the application of both. Thank you, Dino Started playing piano at the age of 8 and guitar at 10 years old. Been performing live since 9th grade. Went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Music Theory and Composition. Played throughout the United States and Europe. Won guitar contest from Duquesne University. Ran live sound for Hollowoods in Pittsburgh and FAB3 Productions in Jacksonville, FL. Chief writer/composer for Mulberry St. Productions/DSI/Silvertooth Records in Pittsburgh, PA. Owned and operated Maestro's Studios, a music school and recording studio. Currently enjoy making music videos and sharing my knowledge and experience with those who love to learn!