Dimitar Stoychev

Take your time on time although it is never on time

As usual, I started to play RnR on my teenage era. After, my life drove me to the classic way - career, family, kids etc. By occasion I restarted playing couple of years ago with some guys, having more or less the same story. Right now we are doing this with big fun and pleasure, often asking ourselves if it is not too late to do it. Good question at all and the answer is NO - the magic of music is so strong, that whenever you obey it, it is exactly on time, never mind that you think that is not the right time. So guys, do not wait for the right time, just start playing NOW - this is the right time for you!







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is the place when you could go everytime when there is no place left to go

What is your music dream?

See and feel the people enjoying the plays performed by the band .