Derty Kids


The DertyKids are a make shift Hip Hop duo, with local yet talented lyrical content and immature humor backed in their story telling performances. It kind of makes their cheeky sense of theatrical flair quite amusing, that is I suppose what you get when gangster rap meets Shakespeare. These two reprobates of Cape Town are led by 'Kid Clever' known as the 'The bad boy of HipHop' Cape Towns most feared battle MC who started crews with Jack Parow, Klench Fist and The Realists who later got signed by Muti Music record label owned by legendary EDM phenomenon 'Bassnectar'. Kid Clever with his cheeky cut throat personality and charming but yet vicious approach to his style is equally followed by New Zealand recording artist 'DertyRox'. With such a melodic flow and narcissistic story telling technique, Derty Rox is the young prodigy that ignites the fire that Kid Clever started by flicking the match. Soundproof is the newest addition with only more projects to come with the DertyKids. Soundproof is the method behind all the madness with big bass drops and illuminating piano riffs you can't help to ask yourself if this was a match made in some other universe. The DertyKids who were assembled by 'Anytime Guys Entertainment' were sent from space too set the system straight to bring the life back into the arts. Now that they have been destroying local turn ups, in and out of the industry, the question is will they accomplish their task....